Quick Update, Poll of the Month

Hey guys. Been a while since we’ve updated. There unfortunately has been really no news on Heart of The Swarm for a long time. The only thing we haven’t touched on is the fact that Blizzard has decided to nix their plans for Blizzcon 2012 due to all the work they wanted to get done on Diablo III, the WoW expansion, and HoTS.

Due to the lack of any new info on the beta or anything related to the progress of the game nearing completion, it’s beginning to look doubtful the Zerg expansion will even be out this year. Hopefully, we’ll have some concrete information soon instead of guesses.

So for our Poll of the month back in November (ouch), we asked which races you’d be interested in seeing most in terms of their new HoTS units. Here’s the results.

In Heart of The Swarm, which Race’s New Units have you most interested.

  • All. (27%)
  • Zerg. (21%)
  • Protoss and Terran. (14%)
  • Terran. (11%)
  • Protoss. (10%)
  • Protoss and Zerg. (9%)
  • Terran and Zerg. (6%)
  • None. (2%)

Total Votes: 100

Our next poll asks you what do you play StarCraft for the most?

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HoTS Custom; Poll of the Month

Stumbled on this interesting article detailing a very cool map. XenoX’s “HoTS Custom” did the inevitable while waiting for the release of the new expansion: created a map with the units of HoTS detailed in the Blizzcon 2011 Trailer. While it’s obviously not a substitute for the actual expansion, it is a neat thing and he should be applauded. From one map maker to another, I tip my hat.

Our Poll of September asked about Heart of The Swarm units as well, and came up with some neat results. We had a tie between New, New and Old, and Old was close too. New units are obviously favored since people are looking forward to trying new things with each race.

For Heart of the Swarm’s Multiplayer, would you rather see more old units come back or new units brought in?

  • More completely new units. (35%)
  • Both! (35%)
  • More old units. (30%)

Total Votes: 51

The Poll of the Month asks about the new units.

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Upcoming PTR for Patch 1.4.0, Heart of the Swarm Info, Poll of the Month

So Blizzard has a huge list of changes, additions, and fixes for the next patch for Wings of Liberty, 1.4.0. You can read the list here.

Some key things to take away for gameplay changes:

- Vision when going up ramps for units is reduced by 1.
- Immortal Attack Range +1.
- Blink Research time increased by 30 seconds.
- Barracks Build time increased by 5 seconds.
- Hellion’s “blue flame” upgrade’s bonus damage is reduced by 5.
- Ultralisk Build time reduced by 15 seconds.

I feel like most people can get behind a lot of these changes. We’ll have to see how vision when going up ramps plays out. Immortal Attack Range will allow them to be more competitive with Collosi. Blink’s increased research time is going to to give Protoss less of a chance for early Stalker Blink Harass early on. The Barracks time increase is minor but will screw with Terran build orders slightly and cause more grief against 6 Pools. The Hellion’s Infernal Pre-Igniter upgrade being nerfed will help prevent situations where a Terran could run a few Hellions in with the upgrade and take out all the workers in just a few short seconds. And finally, it will be interesting to see if the Ultralisk build time being cut by close to 1/4 will encourage more use of them.

There are so many changes coming up in the new patch we won’t address them all. When the Patch is finally released, we will post a listing of all the changes as always.

While there hasn’t been a ton of news on Heart of The Swarm, there are some things to acknowledge.

- The game probably will not be out until Spring 2012 at the earliest.
- The Map Store will be brought in around or after the release of the expansion, allowing user created maps to earn profit for the authors.
- Blizzard DOTA is coming around the same release time. Whether or not it will be a map players will have to pay for is unknown.
- The expansion may cost less than Wings of Liberty. But we’ll see.
- More info will be coming during Blizzcon which is October 21st and 22nd.

Here are the results from our last Poll of the Month. It seems that 2/3rds are interested in the new approach while the last third want the focus to remain without the hero unit showing up in the armies every mission.

Are you for or against the Hero-centric campaign in Heart of The Swarm?

  • For it. (66%)
  • Against. (34%)

Total Votes: 65

Our next poll asks about multiplayer units in Heart of the Swarm. Blizzard is planning on adding or replacing units in the multiplayer line up for each race and make the multiplayer separate from Wings of Liberty. Would you like to see some old units from StarCraft and Brood War make a return, or would you prefer new units to be showing up in multplayer?

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Heart of The Swarm/Ladder News Update, Poll of The Month

There have been a couple new things HoTS related over the last month.

First off, at the Gamescon 2011 event in Europe next month, Blizzard plans to have a playable version of Heart of The Swarm there for gamers to try out. We’re betting it will be about the same progress as last time we got word on things or maybe a couple more missions.

There has also been a new gameplay video for the two campaign missions found on the web.

For Wings of Liberty, we will be seeing new maps on the ladder soon as Ladder Season 2 comes to a close. The leagues are already locked, but you can still try to boost your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) or get to the top of your division. The ladder reset will be coming (along with the usual temporary downtime for the online servers) on Tuesday, July 26th. With the new ladder season, North America will now be linked with Latin America, increasing the player pool.

As for our polls, here are the results from last time. Almost the same amount of people buying the regular game will be buying the Collector’s Edition which is surprising.

Will you be buying Heart of the Swarm?

  • Yes, just the Standard Version. (45%)
  • Yes, and I will get the Collector’s Edition. (42%)
  • No. (13%)

Total Votes: 64

The newest poll asks about the new campaign style for Heart of The Swarm. Some people like the decision of having Kerrigan as a hero unit that stays with you, while others prefer the regular style of solely focusing on your army to accomplish objectives.

The new poll will run until September since it started late.

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Heart of The Swarm Specific Details, Gameplay Trailer, Poll of the Month

A lot of things to get to on here. Since a lot of info has come out about the campaign mechanics here’s a small listing.

The main change is the role of Kerrigan as a hero unit that will be used in most missions. Blizzard gives her a feeling of massive power due to her higher stats, unique spells, and a new RPG feature. You can choose a “Battle Focus” that determines her statistics, spells, and passive boosts and level up your Kerrigan.

Battle Focuses can be changed between missions, and they are thinking about allowing it mid mission as well. So far there are 4 shown and only two were available. Spec Ops is more spell oriented, giving you a AoE attack, a boost to your energy, and a hallucination of herself that can deal half damage. Corruption is defense based giving extra armor. For commands it gives you Spawn Broodling, which turns the targeted non massive/hero unit into 5 broodlings and instantly kills it. Corrosive Spores is another AoE attack that grants temporary damage increases from all attackers against the targets as well as damaging them.

The last two Battle Focuses have nothing shown. Since the 4 core attributes shown are Energy, Armor, Strength, and HP are shown, it’s likely that Strength will give passive boosts to damage and close range abilities while HP will probably be designed with HP boosts and spells to heal and protect Kerrigan from damage.

The other most interesting thing revealed is how regular units in your army will be more customizable. Wings of Liberty allowed you to get Tech Lab upgrades and unique to the campaign upgrades that would be kept from mission to mission. Heart of The Swarm seems to have that same feature for the Zerg Units using the Evolution Chamber. However, the truly interesting this is that you will be able to evolve each unit. Zerglings can turn into Swarmlings (Spawn 3 Zerglings at a time instead of 2) or Raptors (which get a 10 HP boost and a Zealot Charge like leap onto nearby enemies). These effects are permanent like the Research Path in Wings of Liberty and must be chosen carefully. Below are the list of known units.



Spawns 3 Zerglings at a time instead of 2 at no additional cost.


Leap at nearby enemies and gain 10 additional HP.



A special Baneling that’s explosion splits it into two smaller units. Those smaller units have the same attack but the splitting ability stops after the smaller ones explode.


Buildings destroyed by them are turned into collectable resources.



Basically the Roach with the Tunneling Claws ability, Prowlers currently can move while burrowed.


Gain +10 life per kill (up to 6 times) and gain more HP regeneration while burrowed.

The gameplay video above also shows of some of the first two missions. “War For The Brood” takes place on Char and pits Kerrigan against a Brood Mother who denies her right to be Queen of Blades. “Silence Their Cries” takes place on a world making use of the hidden Iceworld tileset from Wings of Liberty. Kerrigan seeks out another Brood Mother but ends up fighting against the Protoss. This mission has a environment mechanic like in Devil’s Playground from Wings of Liberty with the lava, except in this case you see units being slowly frozen and thawed from the world’s dangerous weather.

Anyhow, here are the results from last month’s poll. I have to disagree with the majority as I enjoyed Starjeweled more than Left 2 Die. Aiur Chef being last doesn’t surprise me, but if you haven’t played that yet you should try it just to hear the voice acting’s hilarity.

Which is your favorite Blizzard Custom Map?

  • Left 2 Die (56%)
  • StarJeweled (33%)
  • Aiur Chef (11%)

Total Votes: 35

This month’s poll asks whether or not you will be picking up a copy of Heart of The Swarm when it comes out, and if so whether or not you get the Collector’s Edition.

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Site News & Poll of the Month (December 4th 2010)

So we’ve all been pretty busy. We’ve been keeping up with the patch notes but that is about it on the site. We’re not sure when or if work on the campaign walkthrough will continue since there are so many well done walkthroughs already online. We will eventually get to work on a better version of the SCII unit pages. But for now things will probably stay the way they’ve been going.

That being said, we will be working on a Replays page soon. Send us your StarCraft II replays on our forums. We’ll credit you and get them on the site.

Here are the results from our last poll back in August.

How do you like the Campaign of Wings of Liberty?

  • I love it! (66%)
  • I like it. (28%)
  • I dislike it. (3%)
  • I hate it! (3%)

Total Votes: 977

The majority voted that they really enjoyed the campaign. We’re glad to hear it. There’s been no word yet on Heart of the Swarm, but it should be coming late 2011.

Our next poll asks you about the multiplayer custom games on Battle.net so far. Are you impressed with the maps that have come out or disappointed?

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Screen Shot & Poll of the Month (August 8th 2010)

We haven’t done this in a while and I had some free time so here it is. Here are your poll results from May about the release date:

Do you think the July 27th 2010 Release Date will be pushed back?

Pretty close given Blizzard’s track record of delaying games.

Our newest poll is now up!

How do you like the Campaign of Wings of Liberty?

  • I love it! (66%)
  • I like it. (28%)
  • I dislike it. (3%)
  • I hate it! (3%)

Total Votes: 977

And our Screen shot this month is below.

Screenshot by PuppetMaster.

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News: StarCraft II beta ends this month

News: StarCraft II beta ends this month
And begins again before launch. The first phase of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta will come to an end on Monday, 31st May. Several weeks will pass while Blizzard makes hardware and software changes. The beta will then be resurrected a couple of weeks prior to the game’s full release on 27th July. “We’d like to thank all of our beta-test participants for your enthusiasm, dedication, and …

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