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Hey guys. Been a while since we’ve updated. There unfortunately has been really no news on Heart of The Swarm for a long time. The only thing we haven’t touched on is the fact that Blizzard has decided to nix their plans for Blizzcon 2012 due to all the work they wanted to get done on Diablo III, the WoW expansion, and HoTS.

Due to the lack of any new info on the beta or anything related to the progress of the game nearing completion, it’s beginning to look doubtful the Zerg expansion will even be out this year. Hopefully, we’ll have some concrete information soon instead of guesses.

So for our Poll of the month back in November (ouch), we asked which races you’d be interested in seeing most in terms of their new HoTS units. Here’s the results.

In Heart of The Swarm, which Race’s New Units have you most interested.

  • All. (27%)
  • Zerg. (21%)
  • Protoss and Terran. (14%)
  • Terran. (11%)
  • Protoss. (10%)
  • Protoss and Zerg. (9%)
  • Terran and Zerg. (6%)
  • None. (2%)

Total Votes: 100

Our next poll asks you what do you play StarCraft for the most?

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